Affordable Call Centre Excellence

At MSA Outsourcing, we’ve built a reputation for reliability, user-friendly systems, and service excellence.

Our Company

Our company is based in the United States, with a comprehensively equipped call center and business outsourcing facility in Johannesburg, South Africa. With full redundancies in place we offer you a world-class services facility that costs you far less, while providing you with a superb standard of customer interaction and engagement.

Our Service Matrix

Whether you’re a small-volume or high-volume client, we create a unique, customized service matrix to suit your business, and our Full Contact Centre Solution (FCCS) gives us the ability to coordinate everything seamlessly under one roof.

  • A customer service environment that enhances your company’s image.
  • A stable, well-trained workforce with none of the typical overheads or admin costs.
  • A focused results-driven team dedicated to the promotion of your business.
  • Lower costs, measurable results, and greater profitability.

We employ specialists in the field

We employ specialists in each field, contributing multiple decades of experience and expertise.

When all is said and done, results – measurable and meaningful results – are what you’re looking for, and so our business operations are structured to offer you transparency and integrity.

We make sure that everyone who works on your account has a thorough understanding of your requirements and standards – and that those standards are maintained.

Ethically managed,
professionally trained

Our call center staff retention rate is greater than 90% - far higher than virtually anywhere else within the outsourcing industry, and a testament to ethical business practice and structured staff development. Our teams are highly motivated and incentivized to represent your business with excellence.

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