Hire skilled staff in just 10 days with
our convenient, streamlined process.

Hiring high-caliber staff doesn’t need to put more pressure on your over-packed schedule. Our discerning, ultra-efficient in-house recruitment team manages every step of the process. All you need to do is interview the final candidates — we do everything else.

Stage 1

Job description

Average time commitment from you: 2 hours

1. Complete our easy-to-use job description template.

Your job criteria may include:

  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Training
  • Shift hours
  • Qualifications
  • Volumes
  • KPIs

Don’t have KPIs or productivity measures? We’ll help you create them.

2. Tell us your software, IT requirements & privacy agreements.


Stage 2


Average duration: 10 working days

We receive an average of 1000 candidates per role. Using a sophisticated tech-driven process, we immediately filter out the ones that don’t match your requirements.

We then administer written and computer-based assessments to assess whether the selected candidates have the required skills & competencies for your job.

Finally, we interview the most qualified individuals in-person at our head office.

Stage 3


Average time commitment from you: 2 hours

You interview shortlisted candidates and make the final selections.
Just like hiring locally.

Stage 4

Contracts & Set-up

Average Duration: 1 – 2 days

  1. We set a starting date.
  2. Our in-house HR Department takes care of all the legalities and employment contracts. No need to sign individual contacts.
  3. Our in-house IT experts make sure your dedicated employee has access to the correct software and accounts. They set up phone extensions, create email accounts, and install & activate the software. They ensure the strictest levels of data privacy, security & confidentiality.

Stage 5


All new employees attend our 3-hours induction sessions where we explain office etiquette, communication protocols & privacy regulations.

Stage 6


It’s time to welcome your newest staff to your team! Introduce them to their co-workers, tell them about your mission and goals, and assign tasks.

Stage 7

Oversight & Reporting

Your in-house staff work for you but are employed by us. (We’re like an offshore EoR that also manages & reports.)

  • Choose how you would like to communicate with your staff (phone/email/Teams/Slack/Zoom etc). You always have direct access to your employees. 
  • You define their work standards and the systems and processes they follow.
  • We make sure they meet their targets and do their jobs. 
  • We report to you as frequently as your operational and management requirements need.
The MSA Outsourcing Solution management is very devoted and eager to make everything seamless and stress-free. I was surprised at how uncomplicated things would be. We find them super available and accommodating. There is great energy and great positivity all around.

Minimum effort. Minimum headspace. Maximum convenience.

Find out if remote staffing is right for your business.

Contact us for a quote. No obligation inquiry. We’ll respond within 24 hours.

What our clients say

“Every time I got a new account, I would cringe. Now, I can hire 5 people in 2 weeks. We were growing fast and were overworked and desperately needed to hire. But we only got good CVs every few months. and every time I got a new account I would cringe. We had to wait months to onboard a new client. We needed staff that had a good accent, and that were open-minded thinkers, that could learn our company. Now, with MSA Outsourcing Solutions, I can hire 5 people in 2 weeks.  We started out with call center agents, and now, we have 40 agents doing all levels of work; call center, acquisitions and high-level detailed work like auditing.”

Leah Klein

HR Director, Integra Scripts

“We chose MSA because of the level of the employees. Their vocabulary and communication skills are very, very good. We didn’t have to teach them how to use a computer. I have a full team of employees that are operating. They’re working very great. They’re just doing their job. Anytime we will we have people reaching out to them for any concern, or something. They’re always on the ball, responding immediately. We actually started off with two client companies, and because we’ve got MSA providing us with staff, we’ve expanded to serving client companies.”

Lawrence Mendez

Director of Payroll, BedRock Care
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