Your premium Anglo-led
remote staffing partner

If you’re going to be hiring remote staff, there’s no one who does it like us. With our high-caliber staff, sophisticated infrastructure, and accommodating terms, MSA Outsourcing Solutions is the perfect choice for forward-looking businesses who want to reduce their overhead costs.

High-caliber staff

  • Native English speakers
  • Neutral accent
  • Computer-literate
  • Friendly & professional attitude
  • 93% staff retention rate
  • Ethical staff treatment

100% flexibility

  • No long-term contract
  • 30-day cancellation period
  • Scale up or down in days
  • No minimum number of agents

Zero HR management

  • No leave or attendance management
  • No management employee benefits
  • No individual employee contracts
  • No salary negotiations
  • No disciplinary hearing or actions
  • No hiring or Firing

State-of-the-art infrastructure

  • Up-to-date computers and fiber optic internet connectivity
  • Secure head office with biometric and CCTV monitoring tree
  • Dual screens
  • VOIP lines
  • Top-quality headsets
  • Robust data security

Large savings

  • 60% payroll savings
  • All-inclusive fees
  • Transparent pricing
  • No office rental, furniture or computer expenses
  • No recruitment fees
  • No Onboarding Fees
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All the benefits of offshore staffing.
None of the usual frustrations.

MSA Outsourcing (BPO) Asia-based offshore staffing
First-language English speakers
with a neutral accent
Work inside your team Sometimes
Multi-step screening Sometimes
Skilled, experienced staff for
affordable rates
Direct access to employee Sometimes
Permanent onsite management
team under the in-person oversight
of Anglo-American leadership

Turn remote staffing into your competitive edge.

Hire offshore employees in South Africa & save 60% on your payroll.
Get in touch for a no-obligation quote or chat.

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