Sky-high staffing costs?

Hire . remote staff & save
60% on payroll costs.

We’re a South African remote staffing company that provides dedicated high-caliber employees.
UK & US business hours at competitive rates
Employees work at world-class headquarters
Permanent onsite supervision of all staff

Hiring skilled staff at scale is
easy, quick and convenient

When you need high-caliber staff and reasonable salary costs, hiring offshore done right can offer you huge savings and provide:

Maximum Productivity
High Work Standards
Seamless Communication
Three women in the office exchanging high fives.

Solve your staffing shortages without compromising quality

MSA Outsourcing Solutions is not an outsourcing company or recruitment broker.

Based in our headquarters, your remote staff work directly inside your team during your business hours, engaging with you as if they’re in the next office.

Lower your payroll costs, not your hiring standards

Successful remote staffing starts with hiring the right person.

With over 3.9 million skilled, experienced job seekers in South Africa, we receive around 1000 applicants for each role. 

We filter and screen each applicant, and then cherry-pick the select candidates who have the right skills, aptitude, and attitude for your vacancy.

Perfect-fit employees, minus the hefty salary bill

Your remote agents quickly become valuable and integrated team members

All employees:

Speak English as their first language with neutral accents.
Are computer literate with the required skills, education, and experience.
Work your business hours and can participate in your team meetings and internal communications.
0 %
Average savings on your payroll bill

One monthly fee covers everything.

No long-term contracts
No recruitment fees
No onboarding fees

Your job: Setting tasks and targets.
Our job: Guaranteeing they get done.

Get maximum productivity & top performance from your remote staff — without the stress of managing employees yourself.

Many of our clients say that their remote teams are the smoothest part of their business, and that if they’d known how convenient & efficient it would be, they’d have started years ago.

Hand over staff management
so you can focus on your
core business

Our permanent onsite managers:

Track KPIs
Measure performance
Record overtime
Monitor quota
Manage attendance
Approve leave
Handle disciplinary matters
Check work quality
Send management reports

State-of-the-art infrastructure for maximum efficiency

Modern, secure
Johannesburg headquarters

24-7 uninterrupted
power supply
High-speed fiber optic internet, VOIP lines & fast computers
data security
Strict data
security measures

Hiring offshore employees is surprisingly uncomplicated

Many say it’s easier than hiring employees in the next cubicle.

Our slick recruiting and onboarding process helps you build a hard-working, capable team in less time than it would take to set up a single interview locally.

Average number of
screened candidates per role
Average number of short-
listed candidates per role
0 days
Average time-to-hire
for new positions
0 %
Average Staff
retention rate

How it Works

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Goal Setting

You define the job requirements.
Provide us with a job description; including the required minimum skills set for the role. Our recruiters source, screen, and pre-interview applicants.

search icon with a person in it

We recruit & screen. You choose.
You interview the shortlisted candidates and select the one you like most. You always have the final word over who joins your team.

briefcase icon

We manage the operations
Your staff work for you but are overseen by us. Receive daily, weekly, and monthly status reports. We handle timesheets, payroll, contracts, and all HR tasks.

Train once. Hire many times.

Once you’ve got existing agents or an ongoing campaign, scale up with a single phone call or email. Say the word and get 1, 10, or 100 trained new staff, trained and ready to start — often within a few days.

Business needs change? Scaling down is just as easy.

Industries we serve include

Health Care Services

Contact Centers

Real Estate

Financial Services

Administrative Services

All the benefits of high-caliber staff.
None of the sky-high overheads.

What our clients say

“Every time I got a new account, I would cringe. Now, I can hire 5 people in 2 weeks. We were growing fast and were overworked and desperately needed to hire. But we only got good CVs every few months. and every time I got a new account I would cringe. We had to wait months to onboard a new client. We needed staff that had a good accent, and that were open-minded thinkers, that could learn our company. Now, with MSA Outsourcing Solutions, I can hire 5 people in 2 weeks.  We started out with call center agents, and now, we have 40 agents doing all levels of work; call center, acquisitions and high-level detailed work like auditing.”

Leah Klein

HR Director, Integra Scripts

“We chose MSA because of the level of the employees. Their vocabulary and communication skills are very, very good. We didn’t have to teach them how to use a computer. I have a full team of employees that are operating. They’re working very great. They’re just doing their job. Anytime we will we have people reaching out to them for any concern, or something. They’re always on the ball, responding immediately. We actually started off with two client companies, and because we’ve got MSA providing us with staff, we’ve expanded to serving client companies.”

Lawrence Mendez

Director of Payroll, BedRock Care
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