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At MSA Outsourcing, we’ve built a reputation for reliability, user-friendly systems, and service excellence.

What makes your customers love your business?

It’s no secret that customers make choices based on great service and a user-friendly approach to business. Add in factors like clear communication, professional human interaction, and consistent excellence and you have the recipe for success.

If you’re looking for a reputable, results-driven customer contact center to represent your business, we can assist you.

One Stop Solution

What makes us different?

We manage the placement process and provide you with the best candidates. Call Center Agents become part of your dedicated support team and answer directly to you.
We handle all training, human resource and legal requirements, and the logistics of day-to-day operations. So, your company is relieved of all bureaucratic responsibilities, while enjoying vastly reduced costs of operation.

We’re committed to upholding your standards, your reputation, and your best interests, and have a proven track record of doing exactly that for all our clients.

Our Agents

Our agents are trained to communicate effectively across a number of channels and platforms (call, text, WhatsApp, mail, and other electronic media) to ensure clear, coherent, and fast communication with your customers.

Bespoke Solutions

We work with you to insure your specific service level agreements and KPI's are met, while insuring the quality and effectiveness of agents.

Day to day management
and over site

At MSA we offer day-today management and over site to ensure optimum productivity with our team leaders, directors of operations, trainers and campaign managers.

How we can help?

Whether you’re focused on dedicated, results-driven outbound sales and services, strong backend A/R support or exceptionally reliable inbound customer support functions, we can give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Accountability, Security, Integrity.

Our calls and interactions are all recorded, and all your data is securely backed up and easily accessible.

Call quality and voice quality are monitored in real time, to ensure that your clients are experiencing the very best service at all times. Our customer-facing staff are all excellent English speakers, and constantly receive refresher training to ensure that the highest global call center standards are adhered to.

South Africa boasts some of the most equitably regulated workplace legislation in the world, and workplace regulations guarantee fair practice and protection at all levels, while still costing significantly less than any equivalent US-based call center facilities.

Other Services

We service a wide range of industries including:

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