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At MSA Outsourcing, we’ve built a reputation for reliability, user-friendly systems, and service excellence.

You own dedicated team

When you become an MSA Outsourcing client, you’re assigned your own dedicated team whose task it is to focus solely on your business. To ensure that it’s a great fit, we train the team according to your precise requirements, and they work under your direction – in essence, an extension of your company.

This means that as your company’s needs or operations change, so does your MSA personnel team, in step with your requirements. Where specialist focus is required, we’re also able to hire team members suited to your company’s scope of business. Having an exclusive team is the equivalent of having your own staff – but at a significantly lower cost, and without having to manage a payroll or deal with HR issues. And, because they’re engaged exclusively with your business, your dedicated team is focused on producing results for only one important client – you.

Safe and secure outsourcing

  • Our primary customer contact hub is situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our facilities are secure, superbly managed, and aligned with global contact center best practices.
  • You’re in touch, anytime, safely and securely – because we’re connected at all times via high-speed internet cabling direct from our contact center building, as well as a secure roof-mounted microwave transmission dish to ensure continuity of communication under all circumstances.
  • Your data is protected and stored securely.
    We back up your data daily on both platforms so that you can access it whenever you want.

Quality is measured and maintained

The highest standards of call quality are as important to us as they are to you

  • We record all calls, whether outbound or inbound, and we constantly monitor the quality of our customer interaction to ensure the highest standards are adhered to.
  • All our agents are articulate, educated, and excellent English speakers who are able to communicate effectively and easily with your customers. Conversation quality is monitored constantly, and regular training is provided to further ensure communication excellence.
  • We provide expert, professional in-house team and agent training on your behalf.
  • From start to finish, we manage the performance benchmarks and KPIs of our contact center teams – so you don’t have to.
  • We constantly improve the quality, scripting, and effectiveness of our call strategies to give you better results.

How you benefit


Our legal departments and Human Resources department attend to localized labor legislation, ensuring that all statutory employment requirements are maintained and adhered to. That means you’ll never need to enter into any contractual requirement or responsibility for these functions


Outsourcing with us means that you’re eliminating the higher HR cost you’d normally incur, while freeing up your company’s valuable time and resources.

Real Time Access
You enjoy real-time access to detailed data, operational information, and productivity reports.
Reduced Costs
In real terms, using our professional outsourcing center costs you around 60% less than an equivalent payroll bill in the U.S.
Dedicated Resource Team
You get a dedicated resource team working on your account, bringing decades of cumulative experience and expertise to the table.
Tailor Made
Whatever your niche or industry, we can tailor our services to suit your company.

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